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This page was last edited on 24/05/2021.

Read here the shipping policy of BOMAT, located at Kaarderijstraat 69c, 9000 Ghent, Belgium.

Contact info:
Kaarderijstraat 69c
9000 Ghent, Belgium
Tel. +32(0) 9 380 01 91


1.A. Force majeure suspends the delivery terms and does not entitle the Customer to dissolution/damage compensation. orce majeure in any case includes: lack of supply, strike, lock-out, fire.
1.B. Late delivery never entitles the Customer to compensation/dissolution; this is also the case with explicitly stipulated delivery terms. In the absence of explicit delivery terms, this is set at 4 months. Split orders (fractional deliveries) will be given in such a way that TER BREDE BVBA can execute the contract. A difference of 10% in more or less quantity or a difference in colour shades cannot be regarded as a shortcoming on the part of TER BREDE BVBA, as it generally concerns natural products and handmade carpets.
1.C. Goods travel at the risk of the Customer.


2.A. Complaints (except hidden defects) are only valid if they are made in writing and by registered mail within 10 days after receipt of the goods and under the strict condtition that the goods have not been manipulated. Postal date applies. TER BREDE BVBA reserves the right to replace the defective goods, as a result of which all further claims of the Customer shall become void (both in the case of hidden and visible defects).
2.B. Returns can only be made with the written consent of TER BREDE BVBA and do not constitute an admittance on the part of TER BREDE BVBA. Returns must be made in original packaging, free of freight and costs.
2.C. TER BREDE BVBA’s liability can never exceed the invoiced value, excluding VAT.
2.D. TER BREDE BVBA is only responsible for hidden defects if she was aware of them. This knowledge is not suspected, the Customer must prove it. This responsibility is in any case limited to a period of 6 months after delivery. Defects expressed after delivery are presumed not to have existed at the time of delivery and/or to be the result of incorrect manipulation by the Customer until proof to the contrary (to be provided by the Customer).

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