W.I.N. Project

In sync with our philosophy of respecting people, WIN (short for Widows & Women in need) is a program aimed at employing outcast women (such as widows) or women that belong to the lowest castes. In rural India, these women often find themselves in a difficult situation due to caste- and gender-based inequality.

As two women at the helm of Bomat, we find it very important to empower these women in our company by giving them a fair chance. Started by our father, Johan Bekaert in 2010, WIN gives them a job in our manufacturing facility, and thereby the chance to take their lives back in their own hands.

In Indian manufacturing, traditionally, the weavers are predominantly men, as they mainly receive the proper education to acquire this craft. With WIN, we give the women responsibility for all steps that come before the actual weaving, such as spinning the yarn, winding the yarn on bobbins and preparing the loom for weaving. This high-precision work is crucial in the production process.

With a decent wage and by getting in touch with peers who have similar experiences, our goal is for these women to ultimately regain their self-confidence and pride.

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