Since its inception, BOMAT has remained loyal to a strong set of values.


We respect the environment.

From the fibres in our threads to the pigments used in the unique colours of our carpets: we use the best of materials and treat them with the utmost respect.

We’ve set out to protect our environment and your personal environments by mostly using 100% natural fibres for our rugs such as wool, Tencel, sisal, hemp, linen and silk.

In production, we reduce waste to a minimum, while we strive towards as low an environmental impact as possible. Our yarns are dyed in an environmentally conscious way, conform to the highest standards and with zero liquid discharge processing. On top of that, all BOMAT creations are EU tested at the Textile Department of the University of Ghent, ensuring their technical qualities.

Our products are designed to last.

We offer an alternative for today’s throwaway consumerism. We want each BOMAT product to become the canvas for your life: a product that you will cherish for decades to come.

But sustainability doesn’t end there. It also encompasses the people in our company. Read more about that below.


We respect our people. We are a family-owned company, but for us the concept of family extends to the whole company. It means we strive for long-term relationships, through ups and downs. We respect the creative minds and skilled masters that make it all happen. We offer them the best working conditions possible.

Our weavers and workers benefit from an intensive in-factory training scheme and a contractual employment plan. And in our Indian manufacturing facility, we have set up a special program empowering widows and women in need.

We respect our customers by making premium products that will stand the test of time, and by giving them the best guidance to realise their custom creations.


Let’s get personal! In a world of fast, anonymous textile production, we like to get personal. In the end, every company is a story of people. Especially BOMAT, a family-owned company, with strong ties here and abroad.

Personal means we like to hear your story, get to know your taste, help you out in making custom products. Do you have a special creation in mind? Would you like a specific colour, texture or shape? Are you not sure whether something can be made? Reach out and talk to us! We love a challenge 😊.


From hand-tufting to hand-weaving: we master our craft. Our minute attention to detail and use of the best source material are recognized in the carpet manufacturing industry and by many premium brands, who appreciate our expertise in converting their creations into quality products.

All BOMAT products are designed in Belgium and made in Bhadohi in India, a region boasting a rich tradition of textile craftsmanship that goes back centuries. Our Indian colleagues are true artists and craftsmen.

Take a look at our collections and order your samples!

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