Where it’s made

All BOMAT products are designed in Belgium and made in India, a region boasting a rich tradition of textile craftsmanship that goes back centuries.

We own all our facilities, which ensures a quicker service and response to your design questions.

Our products are made on handlooms and tufting frames of which we have miniature versions in Belgium, allowing for instant development of textures and weaves.

How it’s made

Our carpets, rugs and runners are either hand-woven or hand-tufted, with love and attention to detail. There are two types of weaving, hand loomed and flat weave. The pile is the main difference between a loomed rug and a flatweave. Flatweaving is a method in which two sets of yarns are interlaced on a loom to form a fabric. It results in flat carpets that are robust and boast strong colours.

Tufting is entirely different: here, loops of yarn are ‘shot’ through a support fabric with a tufting gun and then glued on the back. The result is a softer carpet with a pile, either long or short, with open or closed loops.

At BOMAT, both techniques are done by hand, which requires a high level of skill and makes each product unique, without compromising on product conformity.

What it’s made of

The yarn is the basic material for all our products, and determines how a product will look, feel and behave. Do you want the result to look rustic or refined? Should it feel grainy or silky? Should it be extremely lightfast or do you like a patina?

We are proud to offer you an immense choice of yarns that can achieve a wide palette of effects and looks.

The importance of colour

Colours shape your mood. Therefore, we have made colour a cornerstone of our company. While intense, saturated colours are a sort of BOMAT signature in our Chroma Collection, we also make more natural and mineral hues.

Do you want us to make a colour especially for you? We can! Our Belgian design department will match your request in collaboration with our Indian colour wizard to produce a true artwork of colour and texture.

Our quality guarantee

We don’t believe in sweeping things under the rug. Transparency is an important value in our company, and so is care for the environment.

Our yarns are dyed in an environmentally conscious way, conform to the highest standards and with zero liquid discharge processing.

On top of that, all BOMAT creations are EU tested at the Textile Department of the University of Ghent, ensuring their technical qualities.

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