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The lines and textures of bricks, tiles and mortar are translated into the language of warp, weft and pile. Soft surfaces emerge as a natural continuation of architecture, concrete and brick hues build a subtle colour palette.


“We texture space
and colour mood”

BOMAT is a Belgian brand and manufacturer of bespoke designer rugs, carpeted floor and stairway runners. We make products of the highest quality, using traditional production techniques. Each and every piece is hand-tufted or hand-woven… It’s all about the human touch.

Setting high standards in

textile since 1983

Since its inception, BOMAT has been a family business taking pride in its strong ties with craftsmen from our own country and abroad. We are a family business, led by two sisters, who believe in taking responsibility and maintaining high standards.

We have an in-house design & development team in Belgium and our own manufacturing facilities in India, where we work with skilled weavers and tufters to bring the finest quality in textiles.

Plug & Play

We are proud of the flexibility we can offer, mix and match our existing collections. From intense, saturated colours to natural and mineral hues. We have a wide array of colours, fibres and yarns, shapes and sizes to speak to anyone’s appeal.

Looking for a one-of-a-kind design? Get in touch or send us your ideas, we love a creative challenge!

A fair chance, for everyone

In sync with our philosophy of respecting people, WIN (short for Widows & Women in need) is a program we’ve set up, aimed at employing outcast women (such as widows) or women that belong to the lowest castes. In rural India, theyoften find themselves in a difficult situation due to caste- and gender-based inequality. Bomat provides them with jobs and a fair shot at life.

Take a look at our collections and order your samples!

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