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Our carpets carter to many needs. Whether you are looking to enhance a residential project by adding colour and texture, or seek robust flooring for a commercial project. A plethora of yarns, colours and finishings combined with an agile manufacturing guarantees that you will be able to translate your vision into a delightful result.

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Crafting Perfection: A Bespoke Carpet for the 'Sunset Apartment' by Aurélie Penneman Interior Design in Knokke-Zoute

Crafting Perfection: A Bespoke Carpet for the ‘Sunset Apartment’ by Aurélie Penneman in Knokke-Zoute


At BOMAT, we take pride in our ability to bring dreams to life through the art of carpet making. In collaboration with the esteemed Aurélie Penneman Interior Design team, we had the privilege of creating a truly extraordinary custom carpet for their renowned project, the ‘Sunset Apartment’. For this project Aurélie Penneman was inspired by Italian design of the fifties. All the materials have a link with this era, from the type of timber to the curtains and carpet. A small exploration of the journey behind the creation of this bespoke carpet, highlighting its full customization to the client’s needs, the use of natural fibers, and the meticulous craftsmanship that makes it truly exceptional.

Customization Tailored to Perfection:

The ‘Sunset Apartment’ demanded a carpet that seamlessly blended with the space, reflecting the client’s unique vision and style. Working closely with Aurélie Penneman and her team, we embarked on a collaborative process to understand the client’s preferences, color palettes, and design aspirations. Every aspect, from the selection of materials to the intricate patterns, was meticulously crafted to create a carpet that perfectly complemented the apartment’s aesthetics and the client’s individuality.

Embracing Nature: All Natural Fibers:

Environmental consciousness played a significant role in the creation of this bespoke carpet. We recognized the client’s commitment to sustainability and their preference for natural materials. As a result, we exclusively utilized all-natural fibers, 100% New Zealand Wool, for this custom creation. By harnessing the beauty and durability of natural materials, we ensured that the carpet not only exuded elegance but also embodied eco-consciousness. This choice aligned perfectly with our shared values and commitment to responsible manufacturing.

Meticulous Handmade Craftsmanship:

To bring this custom carpet to life, we entrusted our skilled artisans, who possess unparalleled expertise in the art of carpet making. Every step of the process, from hand-selecting the finest natural fibers to the intricate tufting techniques, was meticulously executed by our dedicated craftsmen. Their attention to detail and passion for perfection ensured that the carpet attained the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Transforming Spaces: The ‘Sunset Apartment’ Impact:

The custom carpet became an integral element in transforming the ‘Sunset Apartment’ into a haven of Italian style. Its bespoke design seamlessly integrated with the overall interior concept, creating a harmonious flow throughout the space. The captivating design and rich texture of the carpet became a focal point, captivating the senses and leaving a lasting impression on all who enter the apartment. It truly exemplified the power of a well-crafted carpet to elevate a space to new heights of elegance and charm.

The creation of the bespoke carpet for the ‘Sunset Apartment’ stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence, customization, and sustainability. Working hand-in-hand with the Aurélie Penneman Interior Design team, we successfully crafted a carpet that embodied the client’s unique vision, utilizing all-natural fibers and showcasing impeccable handmade craftsmanship. This remarkable collaboration allowed us to showcase the transformative power of a bespoke carpet, making it the centerpiece of a truly exceptional living space.

If you’re interested in experiencing the art of custom carpet making, tailored to your unique vision and design requirements, we invite you to explore our range of services. Together, let us bring your dreams to life, one exquisite carpet at a time.


David Smulders - YESTERDAY IS GONE

The carpet designed by David Smulders is called Yesterday is gone. A carpet that ‘lives’ in the present. The triangle present in the design is a symbol and sun sign representing divinity, fire, life, the heart, ascension, prosperity and harmony. Usually a work arises from the search for balance and harmony, something he learned from his training as a graphic artist. He mainly gets his inspiration from music that can stimulate him personally to discover the balance in lines and colors.

Axelle Vertommen - Villa Tapis

In collaboration with BOMAT, Axelle Tapis designed Lazuli, a carpet that masterfully translates the characteristics of 1930s modernism into a contemporary aesthetic. The striking geometric pattern is inspired by the interior of Villa Cavrois and creates an inviting playfulness with its sober and architectural volumes.

As in this modernist house by the architect Robert Mallet-Stevens, polychromy is an inherent part of the design. Axelle’s use of colour was inspired by that of Le Corbusier, for which the Polychromie Architecturale was a useful tool. This range of colours, composed in 1931 and 1959, can be combined harmoniously. With its 180 cm by 250 cm, the carpet is a real eye-catcher in any room. The material and finish are also of the highest quality. The carpet was expertly hand tufted and only 100% New Zealand wool was used. The differentiated pile heights ensure a difference in experience per colour area and strengthen the composition.

Atelier Leda - AN ODE TO THE PAST

Atelier Leda’s tapestry originated from collages that Leda made during the spring of 2020. The series arose on the one hand from a healthy dose of free time, and on the other from a love of starting the design phase from drawings and paper. The translation of the paper into the tufted carpet is an ode to Leda’s childhood.

As a child, she always played on a carpet belonging to her father, which in retrospect became the thread that ran through her childhood imagination. Each colour had its own function and stimulated her imagination again and again. A beautiful memory and experience that Leda wants to share with the outside world. A carpet that connects different generations. A playground for young people to let their imagination run wild. For design lovers, an eye-catcher for the interior.


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