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Our carpets cater to many needs. Whether you are looking to enhance a residential project by adding colour and texture, or seek robust flooring for a commercial project. A plethora of yarns, colours and finishings combined with an agile manufacturing guarantees that you will be able to translate your vision into a delightful result.

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BOMAT x High End Apparel Shop Carmi Zemst

BOMAT x Carmi Zemst

For this high end apparel shop we worked on different designs flowing through the shop and making it into a beautiful ensemble. The aim was to give a unique feel to each section, ladies, gentlemen and children’s section. In order to reach this objective specific colours and forms were chosen, to give a unique shopping experience for its guests. All carpets were especially made for this project by hand with the biggest care and attention to detail.

BOMAT x Studio Bjorn Verlinde | Project restaurant Misera in Antwerp

BOMAT x Studio Bjorn Verlinde: A Seamless Collaboration for Restaurant Misera

For the design of Restaurant Misera, Studio Bjorn Verlinde got clear guidelines; Nicolas Misera wanted peace, harmony and warmth, he wanted to opt resolutely for quality, but especially quality of life. What better way to create warmth with a bespoke hand woven carpet?

Crafted from the finest 100% New Zealand wool, this beautiful carpet exudes an air of refined luxury. Its all-black hue blends perfectly in with the restaurant’s contemporary interior, accentuating the modern ambiance and enhancing the overall dining experience for guests.


Trendwalk - Brindisi Custom Design

We had the privilege to work on this beautiful custom design project, where we dressed their fittingrooms in a beautiful designed carpeted floor.

Play AV - Mapuche Black

ION - Clipper Windchime

We like it natural, this was also the vision for the beautiful skybox of ion develop different, where they used natural and pure materials, such as our Clipper colour windchime, a beautiful Tencel carpet that brings warmth to the space.

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