Forget about cold feet. Let colour and texture shape your mood.

The carpet was necessary. It kept us warm and comfortable in chilly buildings.

The carpet became art. A carrier of messages, a vessel of symbols, an object of beauty.

The carpet turned to the floor and regained its functionality. Figurative motives became abstract: a coincidence?

The carpet became obsolete. With strict energy norms in today’s houses, cold feet are a thing of the past.

The carpet is still there. You crave its soft touch. Its colour and texture shape your mood. It brings life into your interior landscape.

Now the carpet is yours, the canvas for your lifestyle.

Our philosophy

We respect people

People are central to our business. The human aspect is key in Bomat: our products are the fruits of creative minds and skilled masters, whom we offer the best working conditions possible. Our weavers and workers benefit from an intensive in-factory training scheme, as well as a contractual employment plan. In our Indian manufacturing facility, we have set up a special program empowering widows and women in need.

We respect our customers by making premium products that will stand the test of time, and by giving them the best guidance to realise their custom creations.

We respect materials.

From the fibres in our threads to the pigments used in the unique colours of our carpets: we use the best of materials and treat them with the utmost respect. Waste is reduced to a minimum, while we strive towards as low an environmental impact as possible.

We respect our craft.

From hand-tufting to hand-weaving, we master the most diverse techniques. Our minute attention to detail and use of the best source material are recognized in the carpet manufacturing industry and by many premium brands, who appreciate our expertise in converting their creations into quality products.

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