General maintenance tips to keep your carpet as good as new

By following these cleaning and care instructions, you will ensure perfect hygiene of your carpet and preserve its aesthetic characteristics, which are essential in the decoration of your interior; and this without much effort!

1. The right reflex: protect your carpet, its lifespan will be extended… a cleaning mat at the entrance of your home can considerably reduce dirt and moisture, and will ensure the protection of your carpet.

2. Preventive measures: Carpet protectors under furniture: if you place heavy furniture on the carpet, place carpet protectors under the feet of the furniture to distribute the pressure on multiple small points rather than on a single larger surface.

3. Turn the mat regularly: make sure that the mat is treaded in such a uniform way as possible by turning it from time to time.

4. Regular vacuuming is indispensable for the maintenance of any kind of carpet. This takes time, but in the end it is the cheapest way of maintaining the clean appearance of your carpet for as long as possible and removing loose dust and dirt (like sand, for instance). The smooth suction nozzle of the vacuum cleaner is suitable for flatwoven carpet qualities as well as for cut pile carpets. A vacuum cleaner with a separately driven rotating brush roller is more efficient when it comes to the hard fiber coir, sisal and for stronger structured carpets. We recommend that you use your wool carpet for a while before vacuuming it; you can remove the lint and fiber balls that will inevitably form when you vacuum it a first use; after one or two months you can regularly vacuum your carpet, however always with a smooth head vacuum cleaner (especially no brush), to avoid the removal of the twisting of the yarns, which helps to prevent your carpet from “stuffing”.

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