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Do you have a strong creative vision? Do you want to create something completely new? Are you looking for a partner to make it real? Talk to us!

Image BOMAT | Belgian Luxury Rugs, Carpeted Floors and Stairway Runners

We can go custom, in fact we go all the way!

Whether you’re looking for custom colours, special patterns, specific yarns, piles or looks: we’ve got you covered! Our in-house design section will do its utmost to bring your vision to life.

We will advise you on colours, yarns, weaving or tufting techniques. With our prototyping loom, we can make samples before jumping to production. Trust us: we love a creative challenge! Send us an e-mail or call us, we will be delighted to help you out.


Send us your one of a kind design

Do you already have a very specific design or concept in mind? Send it to us! Here is what we need:

  1. Your design: this can be a template, drawing, picture,…
  2. Size and shape of your carpet: please deliver at scale
  3. Colour references
  4. Fibre and texture you’re thinking of

Here’s how it works:

Icône d'idée - BOMAT | Tapis de Luxe, Sols en Moquette et Chemins d'Escalier Belges

Upload your idea

Upload your concept, drawing, desired textures & colours, … via the form below and send them to our team of experts.

Icône d'expertise - BOMAT | Tapis de Luxe, Sols en Moquette et Chemins d'Escalier Belges

Get our expert advice

Our inhouse design team will advise and assist you in choosing the right material, colours, shape & size to make your project look absolutely stunning.

Icône de maquette - BOMAT | Tapis de Luxe, Sols en Moquette et Chemins d'Escalier Belges

Receive a digital mockup

We will create a detailed digital mock-up of your design.

Icône d'échantillon - BOMAT | Tapis de Luxe, Sols en Moquette et Chemins d'Escalier Belges

From mockup to sample

Then it’s time to translate your design into a carpet. But first, we’ll make a miniature sample of your design. This can take up to four weeks. Once we get all the details right, it’s time to take the leap to production.

The fibres in your threads,
which yarn do I choose?

The yarn is the basic material for all our products, and determines how a product will look, feel and behave. Do you want the result to look rustic or refined? Should it feel grainy or silky? Should it be extremely lightfast or do you like a patina?

We are proud to offer you a differentiated choice of yarns that can achieve a wide palette of effects and looks. As a result, colours may vary due to the type of fibre used. Don’t really know how to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you, our team is there to help you!










Upload your idea here and reach out … it could be the beginning of a creative journey.


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