Your private Carpet label

We initiated BOMAT private label as an opportunity for businesses to present a high quality BOMAT custom-made product under their own brand.
As your trusted partner we take care of design, manufacturing and transport and can guarantee succesful and timely delivery of the products.
BOMAT private label has a lot to offer. See the key advantages below.


High quality

Our products consists of rugs, carpets and runners of the highest quality. We use the same process and facilities for our private label offers.


Making it easy

BOMAT takes care of the full process from design to delivery. Our ample knowledge and experience means we can guide you in every step.


A trusted contact

BOMAT in Belgium is your contact for every aspect, saving you time and effort.


Unique designs

Our designers can provide assistance with your own design or make a custom design for your brand. The possibilities are unlimited.


Production skills

Production is in the hands of a team of 110 skilled craftsmen in our own facilities in India. This way we can make quality products with quick and flexible service.


Guaranteed delivery

Our experience, established routes and transparent production process guarantee delivery of your order in a timely fashion.

A few of our references

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“A one-stop solution for high quality private label rugs and carpets with a partner you can trust.”

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About Bomat

BOMAT is a Belgian brand and manufacturer of luxury rugs, carpeted floor and stairway runners. We make products of the highest quality, using traditional production techniques. Each and every piece is hand-tufted or hand-woven… It’s all about the human touch.


It’s our aim to create honest textiles with a mastery of fiber and color, a flair for design and a penchant for innovation. We do this with respect for people, materials, craft and the environment.

We work with natural fibres and can achieve a wide palette of effects, looks and colors. We can even make a special color on your request.

Our carpets, rugs and runners are either hand-woven or hand-tufted. This makes each product unique. The 110 craft people in our facilities in India are highly skilled and work with minute attention to detail.

Our W.I.N. Project is a program aiming to employ widows and women in need in rural India, often from lower castes. Through contact with peers and a fair wage, ultimately we aim to regain their self-confidence and pride and help them rebuild a life for themselves.

Image BOMAT | Belgian Luxury Rugs, Carpeted Floors and Stairway Runners
Image BOMAT | Belgian Luxury Rugs, Carpeted Floors and Stairway Runners
Image BOMAT | Belgian Luxury Rugs, Carpeted Floors and Stairway Runners

Creative, flexible, reliable

BOMAT private label provides your business with an opportunity to tap into the creativity and experience of producing and delivering high quality products that we built over the years. A trusted process that guarantuees results.

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