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BOMAT is a Belgian brand and manufacturer of luxury rugs and carpeted floor

BOMAT is a Belgian brand creating contemporary hand-woven and hand-tufted rugs, carpeted floor and runners. We are a family business, led by two sisters, who believe in taking responsibility and maintaining high standards. We have an in-house design & development team and our own manufacturing facilities in India, where we work with skilled weavers and tufters to bring the finest quality in textiles.

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Since its inception, BOMAT has been a family business taking pride in its strong ties with craftsmen from our own country and abroad. The design & development, commercial and management team is situated in Belgium, whilst our manufacturing facilities are situated in India.

Through honest production, a sustainable focus on quality and by pushing creative boundaries we want to set the mood of your interior living space.


Bomat was founded by our father, Jan Bekaert, who from a young age developed a passion for Asian culture, colors and craftsmanship through his many travels. In 1983 he partnered up with a Tibetan partner and launched his first collection of hand-knotted Nepalese carpets in Belgium, under the brand name DOC (Design Oriental Carpets).

The collaboration between our father and his Tibetan partner was fruitful for 27 years. At its height, the Nepalese production facility employed 350 people, making it one of the largest hand-knotting workshops in Nepal. Unfortunately in 2010 the civil war had seriously compromised the production, and the facility was closed later in that year. A new and smaller unit has meanwhile been started up again, and bespoke rugs are manufactured in limited quantity.

In the beginning of the 2000s, our father developed a new partnership with producers in India. A joint venture was established in 2006 in Bhadohi, a region with a rich tradition in carpet weaving dating back to the 16th century. Operating in synergy with our strong Belgian design department, our Indian production facility Design Flooring P Ltd now employs more than 150 people. Most raw materials are imported and utmost care taken to make the products answer western norms.

In 2019, we, Amélie and Ann-Gaëlle Bekaert, took the helm of Bomat. Inspired by its rich history, we are excited to write the next chapter of this (ad)venture. Through honest production, a sustained focus on quality and by pushing creative boundaries we want to set the mood of your interior living space.

What we do

We are a B2B luxury textile floor covering manufacturer and brand. We make rugs and carpets of the very highest quality, using traditional production techniques. Each and every one of our products is hand-tufted or hand-woven… It’s all about the human touch.

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