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Hand in glove production facilities pair with the Belgian design department. Flexibility at our Gyanpur and Natwa (U.P., India) facilities can fairly be considered unique in the field of carpet production. Textile knowledge in the state of Uttar Pradesh is still and fortunately widely available. Weavers and workers benefit from an intensive in-factory training scheme, as well as contractual employment plan. Adequate production buildings and modern equipment further enable to produce in optimal conditions. Regular training visits by our Belgian experts guarantee continuous improvement and development. Minute attention to details and use of exclusive western raws (e.g. latex) make our carpet undistinguishable from the best western manufactures.
These unique features do not go unnoticed, hence the patronage of our production facilities by some of the world’s most renowned carpet specialist import companies as well as some famous brands – fashion and other – looking for suitable convertors of their creations.



A solid in-house design section at Bomat guarantees continuous creation and introduction of new styles. CAD allows for swift rendering of any project submitted to us. Besides and above, a profound knowledge of various weaving techniques and yarn composites complete the elementary tools needed for developping any bespoke carpet project. Most of the carpet creations – wether for the own Bomat collections or for customized projects – are executed on stainless steel handlooms and tufting frames at our Indian production mill. A miniature version of these at the Belgian design department allows for instant development of textures and weaves of samples, which will later be exactly reproduced full scale on the production looms. All Bomat creations are EU tested at the Textile Department of the University of Ghent, extensive technical reporting can be found with each style on their respective pages in the Bomat Order Site.


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…we carpet your space…

Bomat and YOU


We’ve tried hard to make working with Bomat as easy and straightforward as possible.

Your personal login into our sample and carpet order webapp allows you to browse through all

collections, showing you all available color schemes and technical specifications.

Extremely handy comes the calculator module, which allows you, wether for area rug or

broadloom, to instantly find out the price for any given size in any considered quality.

The system allows for online order sampling.

Rugs and carpet can be ordered or offer requested, while any choice can be further detailed

with data pertaining to your own customer, room or project etc. The system allows for an

instant printout for your own record keeping.

We can further help you with providing material for your personalized moodboards, customized

colors and even textures can be worked out with the Bomat design department.



BOMAT SHOWROOM E3 laan 69 - 9800 DEINZE contact our office : tel. +32(0)9 380 01 91 - info@bomat.be

E3 laan 69 – 9800 DEINZE

contact our office : tel. +32(0)9 380 01 91 – info@bomat.be

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Shows & Expo’s

We will be presented at  MAISON et OBJET in PARIS from 7 till 11 Septembre 2018. You can find us in HALL 6 at booth P41

We will be presented at  MAISON et OBJET in PARIS from 7 till 11 Septembre 2018.

You can find us in HALL 6 at booth P41

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